Thursday, 18 February 2010

Puns! Yay!

Blogger's interface makes it hard to rearange these photos now that I've loaded them all in, I guess I'll have to fiddle them around in the html editor later... AHEM, ANYWAY!

So we're doing a Flash lip-synching project, and these are my conceptual drawings for the animation, I started pretty broadly, drawing toys and animals, fruit with faces, that sort of thing. Eventually I decided on cameras, because... well... I love cameras, and besides, the voices on the section of the recordings I decided I would use belong to photography students so it seemed right.

I haven't drawn any backgrounds for this because they'll be against something fairly simple like a table, maybe with reflections or something, I'll probably use a few things like the film canisters or cables to make a more interesting composition and try to make it look like a cluttered table.


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