Monday, 23 November 2009

13th November

More short animations today, The Cable Car, Sbam and TV Dinner where my favourites.

Interview with Priit Pärn

Priit Pärn is an Estonian film maker with an extraordinarily strange style of animation. I found that some of his animations can be quite mentally draining to keep track of the story, but I still enjoyed them, I think it's good to see someone doing something different.
In the interview he mentioned how it was important to the soviet government for everyone to conform to their ideas, and how artists, writers and film makers produced strange ideas because it allowed them to do something the government didn't like, without getting themselves into trouble.

Here is an example of some of his work

He was nice enough to sign this quick sketch that I scribbled of him during the interview.


The 3D screening of Up was really fun and it had possibly the best story I've seen in the festival.



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